Two-Way Radio Service

Why Mobile Radio?

  • It coordinates activities
  • Ensures effective equipment use
  • Prevents delays and wasted company time
  • Permits enroute rescheduling
  • Saves fuel, time, and manpower
  • Provides instant communication in emergencies
  • Affordable Rates including flat-rate unlimited packages
  • Simple to use no numbers to remember or dial-Just push a button to talk

Radio System types and common usage

Two-Way Radio products are used by a wide variety of clients who need direct instant communications on site or within their facilities or over a wide area consisting of a few square miles to more than 12,000 square miles. 2-Way radios allow instant communications by pushing a button - no numbers to remember or dial and no taking your eyes off the road to communicate! And in many cases for on-site communications you don't have to worry about having "no service" indications like cellular. The solutions vary for each user and TWR is equipped to handle them all.

Local-Facility based Communications

Many commercial and public entities need to stay in touch with their staff in and around their campus or physical plant area. This is particularly true with hospital-medical centers, manufacturers, school-universities, office complexes, retail malls/stores and residential housing to name a few. Radio communications can be as simple as portables for staff to talk with each other around the facility to systems with base stations and repeaters designed to expand coverage in larger campuses or to nearby areas.

Wide area Customer owned Communications Systems

Some clients including trucking, delivery, construction, quarries, asphalt pavers, cement/concrete and service companies cover a wider area requiring a larger and more extensive system to fulfill their needs. The same occurs with many government agencies such as sanitary/utility providers, public schools and school buses, public works and public safety entities. TWR currently supplies and services many such systems for clients in Maryland-West Virginia-Pennsylvania-Virginia. This typically involves a base station or repeater installed at a mountain top site with tower and antenna infrastructure. This can involve a substantial capital investment and TWR has another solution with our QuickCom mobile radio Network.

TWR's QuickCom wide area Network

Today most customers do not want to invest in an extensive communications network with the substantial upfront capital costs coupled with ongoing costs for tower rent, electric, insurance, taxes and repairs. TWR's solution to this dilemma was to place in service its QuickCom Network with 20 towers located in Maryland - West Virginia - Pennsylvania - Virginia that can serve the needs of mobile radio users throughout the region. With coverage in nearly 25 counties encompassing over 12,000 square miles, many users can meet their mobile communications needs.

We simply supply you mobile radios for your vehicles or handhelds and you are ready to talk! The fees for using our QuickCom Radio Network are generally less than most cellular plans and are flat rate. You will also find a complete absence of all of the crazy fees and taxes you see on Cellular bills that often defy understanding!

Additional services available on our QuickCom network include GPS real time vehicle tracking, individual vehicle reporting capabilities, vehicle monitoring for mileage drive, stops made, vehicle speeds and many other features to help you manage your fleet.

TWR's 2-way radio service has abilities for all calls over the air to be heard by your entire fleet and we can give you the optional ability for selective private calling when needed. Whether you are dispatching service personnel, construction crews, delivery people or other mobile workers, nothing beats being able to pick up a radio and calling all workers at once to ask who has a step ladder on their truck, we need an oil delivery - what truck is free, who has parts to fix a GE dryer, we have a pickup in Oakland who is near and etc. This cannot be economically accomplished with any cell phone, as you may have to call each individual user, which is time consuming and expensive!

Why use 2-Way Radios supplied by TWR?

TWR radios are higher powered commercial grade units and are licensed through the FCC to operate on specific channels. Most units have a 2-3 year warranty and meet many MIL-Spec standards for ruggedness and longevity. These are not the $ 50 radios you can buy at the big box stores that are built to consumer standards and operate on channels shared with 100's of other users. It is not unusual for the rugged radios we supply to last for more than 10 years ensuring that you have a good return on investment for your hard earned investment. TWR supports you and your radios as necessary as the years pass by!

Authorized Radio Dealer for major Manufacturers

TWR has been in the radio business since 1945 and has at one time or another been affiliated with nearly all of the major radio manufacturers during this 69+ year period.

Currently TWR is an authorized dealer for Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex and Zetron products. We also sell and service a long line of other radio products too numerous mention. Contact us for more details specific to the radio products you use.

Many of the radios that we supply are designed to operate on our QuickCom radio Network described above. We sell you the product, install, provide ongoing service on the Network your radios communicate on

State of Maryland Two-Way Radio Contract

TWR, along with a select few Communications shops in the State, has been awarded a Master Contract, 60B3490002, by the Maryland Department of Information Technology. The work involved includes the procurement of two-way radio equipment (mobiles-portables base stations) and related installation and preventive maintenance services through January 2018.

TWR was initially awarded this contract in 2007 and after successful submission of bid documents in November 2012 as well as having an established service record with various state agencies it was again re-awarded in January 2013 for another five (5) year term.

Maryland agencies served include the District Court system in Allegany-Garrett counties, State Highway Administration for the Western District in Garrett-Allegany-Washington-Frederick counties, Department of Agriculture, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Public Safety - Corrections and many other agencies.

State and or local government entities are encouraged to contact TWR personnel listed below for more specifics about radio products and repair and installation services:

Call us today for a no obligation demonstration of our network and 2-way radios. We can set you up with some radios to use for a short time period, so that you can determine for yourself that TWR's 2-way radio will solve your communications problems.