Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service

The TWR Telephone Answering Service is a multifunction facility which is in full operation 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

The professional call center staff is highly trained and fully certified to perform the duties required for telephone answering service, alarm monitoring, alpha paging dispatch, fax-mail dispatch, as well as handling all the internal communications for TWR. The telephone service agents who staff the call center, must undergo a pre-employment security screening and pass a skills aptitude assessment, then must complete an industry-standard training program before being considered qualified to operate in this field. Additionally, each agent is re-screened and certified every two years as required by law by the FBI and the Maryland State Police. The telephone answering service, a component of the call center, is further subjected to an annual quality control check to be certain it is functioning in accordance with the strict professional standards established by the Association of Teleservices International (ATSI). The telephone answering service also carries membership in the National Amtelco Equipment Owners Association (NAEO), and is fully licensed by the State Of Maryland Security Systems Agency.

TWR is HIPAA compliant and respects the privacy of our customers and their clients.

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (August 21), Public Law 104-191 requiring:

  • Improved efficiency in healthcare delivery by standardizing electronic data interchange.
  • Protection of confidentiality and security of health data through setting and enforcing standards.

More specifically, HIPAA called upon the Department of Health and Human Services to publish new rules that will ensure:

  • Standardization of electronic patient health, administrative and financial data.
  • Unique health identifiers for individuals, employers, health plans and health care providers.
  • Security standards protecting the confidentiality and integrity of individually identifiable health information, past, present or future.

This extensive regimen of training and certification guarantees our subscribers the highest possible level of operational excellence. The TWR Telephone Answering Service accepts local, national, and foreign clientele.

Telephone Answering Service

The TWR Telephone Answering Service can greatly enhance the image and efficiency of any business through the expertise provided by our professional staff. Using state-of-the-art computerized equipment, our staff can individualize each client's service and convey the same personal attention to callers they would receive if your own receptionist answered the phone.

We can help design a totally integrated communications package that effectively reflects any type of business operation for processing routine as well as emergency scenarios. Order-entry, reservation taking, and staffing registry are also part of the broad menu of telemessaging services available. We can deliver messages and contact your staff or service personnel by alpha or numeric paging, radio dispatch, telephone, fax, cellular, text messaging, or e-mail.

TWR Voicemail Tree Service

TWR has now launched Voicemail Tree Service Features in our system. TWR now provides BOTH 24-Hour Live Telephone Answering Service and Voicemal Services. Voicemail through TWR is an automated computerized system that can be used to record a greeting for your callers and provide a number of options to give information to your callers.

Up to ten (10) voicemail options can be recorded which can instruct callers to press the button on their keypad that most closely meets the reason for their call. With TWR, our customers can still choose to have the zero (0) button on their telephone to reach a Live Operator if their call does not meet any of the critearia recorded. Our live operators are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week,including holidays!

Voicemail Service is a very efficent, effectve and economical way to handle routine calls for you business. TWR's automated computerized system can be used for roviding information including office hours, directions, product orders, appointments and etc. all just as easily handled by voicemail over a live operator service.

When shopping for voicemail services, it is a smart idea to choose a company who you can not only speak with on the telephone, but also meet in person! Voicemail Tree Services can turn your telephone system for your business into a feature-richcommunication package!

How does Voicemail Services work?

  1. The first steps that customers should take who want to set up Voicemail or their phone system, is to determine what information you would like to give your callers.
  2. This should include how many options you need to provide and what you would like your callers to hear once they press a button on their phone keypad for the options you have recorded.
  3. Customers should also determine weather they want one of the optiong to include the ability to press zero (0) to reach one of our 24-Hour Telephone Answering Service agents.
  4. Once you have determined your greeting, Live operator option, the number of options needed and what you would like your callers to hear, the final step is to determine who should record this information. This could be you, one of your staff members, or you may elect to have one of our operators record the greeting for you.

TWR can help guide you through the setup process. Once you have your Voicemail Tree set-up complete, the rest is easy. You will be able to easily access your voicemail and retrive messages through the personal pass code that you have selected. The unique tool that Voicemail service provides is that little if any interfearence is needed with any operator since all of you calls and messages are right on voicemail system!

You may contact Gary Mckenzie or Kay Miller by calling (301) 777-2692 or (800) 262-7005 The cost for Voicemail Tree services depends on the level of service needed and we can negotiate this with you one we determine the service you are seeking. Voicemail Services are an economical was to provide service to you customers!

Alarm Monitoring Service

TWR's Alarm Monitoring Service is well-known for reliable and efficient operation. The call center monitors both hardwired and radio-telemetry digital receivers around-the-clock to offer clients total security surveillance as well as peace of mind for their business or residence. Our equipment and facilities are kept in a full state of readiness at all times, with automatic power generators for emergency back-up. In addition to the standard fire, burglary, and panic alarm options, we can also monitor openings & closings, including the production of daily report printouts for our subscribers. We have a commendable reputation and an outstanding working relationship with emergency and law enforcement agencies. Our highly-trained certified staff is very experienced at serving commercial, government, and private clientele from anywhere in the nation.

Alpha Paging Dispatch

Instant telemessaging dispatch to an Alpha-Numeric Pager is another convenient service offered through the TWR Call Center. Friends, family, or business associates, can call a specific telephone number and give a message to an operator which will immediately be transmitted to your alpha pager. When you subscribe to this service, a text message can be transcribed and dispatched 24 hours per day. Callers may contact the call center from anywhere in the world and you will receive the message within a matter of seconds on your pager. This service is working very successfully for individuals as well as our telephone answering service clients.

Fax-Mail Dispatch

This service is similar to Alpha Paging Dispatch in that a caller from anywhere in the world may dictate a message over the phone to a call center operator. The primary advantage of this dispatch service is that the message may be longer in content and it is not necessary to carry an alpha pager to receive it. The entire message will be sent to your fax machine or your e-mail address or both. You may even request to have a preview of the message automatically sent to your alpha pager, if you carry one. Some busy executives use this service to dictate notes to themselves while traveling; when they return to their home or office, a hardcopy of their dictation is printed and available for reference.

What is the Price of Quality?

Although we have defined pricing tiers for each of the service options available through the TWR Call Center, it is always the client's communication package design that determines the final monthly rate. The technology of our equipment is so versatile, we can let our clients configure and subscribe to exactly which services they need instead of having to "buy the store". We are certain you will find our services to be more value-priced than any of our competitors. It is important to be an educated consumer. We invite you to contact us to discuss your communication needs. We can help you design your own package and ensure that you feel confident about your choices. Your quality deserves our quality!


We off multiple Answering Service Rate Plans to fit anyones needs. Whether your business is small or lage we will set up a plan that fits into your budget. We even offer unlimited rate plans at a very competitive price so you never have to worry about call volume! We provide each new client with a free month of service and run monthly specials for new sign ups.

Contact Kevin McKenzie, Telemessaging Manager, at 301-777-2692 Ext. 102 or Kay Miller, Supervisor, at Ext. 108 or send e-mail to Kevin McKenzie or Kay Miller