Storage Sizes

TWR currently has twenty-six (26) storage units with plans of more in the upcoming year.

Twenty-four (24) of these units are 9' X 15' X 15'. This works out to 2,025 cubic feet.

For customers looking for a larger space may choose from two (2) of our more spacious units which are 9' X 21' X 15'. These two units are approximately 2,825 cubic feet.

All of our storage units have 7' X 7' over head doors for easy access. TWR's storage units are nearly double the typical 1,080 cubic feet of space that most other storage places offer with only 8' ceilings!

TWR also offers other storage areas and parking spaces.


Each storage unit is equipped with a heat detector, which is monitored by TWRÂ’s telephone answering service twenty-four hours daily, including weekends! The area in front of each storage unit is well lit. Each facility is dry and may be accessed at any time by our tenants. Customers may even supply their own padlock.


The storage of motor vehicles is generally not allowed. Contact our office for details. The storage of gasoline, kerosene or other flammable fuels is strictly prohibited.


Rent for these spacious facilities range from $99 monthly for the 9' X 15' X 15' units to $109 monthly for the 9' X 21' X 15' storage units. The first month's rent may be pro-rated.

Security Deposit

As with any rental property, a security deposit equal to one monthÂ’s rent is required when initially renting a storage unit. This deposit will be refunded to the tenant when the unit has been vacated. This of course would be based on the storage unit being left in the same condition as when it was first rented.