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10 Years of service

10 years of service with TWR Communications

President John Jeff Hutter & Vice President Gary McKenzie present awards to Chris Chiaverini & Mike Spano for their 10 years of service with TWR Communications.

Touch Screen Stylus

We now have touch screen styluses available in two different styles

March 2012 From the Regional section of our local news papers

Locally Owned, Locally Operated

Feb. 2012 Tom's Top Tier

Gary & Kathy
Thank you for your commitment to delivering an effortless AT&T Retail Experience for our customers.We made improvements in our CES Net Rep Sat and Willingness to Recommend scores in January as the Dealer channel ended the month with our highest average since early 2011. I would like to personally commend the following locations for their excellence. The locations listed below, and pictured in the attached, are being recognized for achieving 100% Net Rep Sat and 100% Willingness to Recommend scores for the entire month. These locations were the Best of the Best for January and their efforts show our customers that in the dealer channel, The Customer Rules. These stores not only took ownership and embraced the Customer Experience – They raised the bar to the next level. I personally would like to recognize the following locations and their employees: Tom’s Promoter Club
  1. Kathy and Gary of Cumberland
  2. Charles and JB of Falls Church
  3. Eric and Jesse of Dunkirk
  4. John and Dyvvia of Winchester
  5. Maan, Mo and Julio of Hagerstown
  6. Tabitha and Diana of Dunkirk
  7. Duana of Chester
  8. Glen Burnie with Brandy, Shawn and Cody was the top location. They were perfect with the most surveys received
Regards, Tom Norris Director of Sales – DC/Maryland

Allegany County Chamber of Commerce Business of the year award 2011

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