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Website and E-mail Hosting

There are many reasons to own a website these days. Some people will use a domain name to link their profiles on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all to one easy-to-remember address. Others may want to share what they know and display pictures about their favorite hobbies or maybe create a page based on their entire family trees. There is always a chance to pick up customers if you are someone who makes crafts or sells products. There is even the possibility of creating a virtual friends’ circle by hosting your own forum.

TWR is your local solution for website and E-mail hosting. Give yourself or your company that competing edge with your own website and E-mail addresses. Our Linux based servers give you the flexibility of coding with html, xhtml, xml, css, perl, python, and cgi along with mysql and postgresql database solutions. Custom E-mail servers can also be configured to your needs with spam filtering and unlimited E-mail addresses.

Some other services available to you include traffic reports that show you who is visiting your site and what they are looking at. Daily backups can be made and stored for you in case of bad updates or accidental file deletion. We can even take care of the entire domain name registration and annual renewal process for you giving you one less thing to worry about. You will have piece of mind knowing that YOU will remain the rightful owner of your domain name and website files should you decide to transfer your site in the future.

The Internet is a wonderful place and is growing every day, so give us a call at 301-777-2692 and we will help you get established today!

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